USA: There is NOT a Mass Shooting Epidemic.

El Paso Shooting
Rudy Gutierrez/AP

In the wake of the two recent mass shootings that occurred in the United States, the mainstream media is pushing the narrative that the USA has a mass shooting epidemic.

On August 6th, 2019, The New York Times tweeted an article that states “after an attack targeting Latinos, international reactions depicted America’s mass shooting epidemic as violence in a country at war with itself.”

What is a mass shooting?

So, what dictates the United States’s false mass shooting apocalypse? Is it the amount of mass shootings that occur? Is it the amount of media outrage that is borne from one?

Clearly, the media plays a dominating role in the idea that mass shootings are common in the United States. Mainstream media outlets consistently pump propaganda stating the United States as the mass shooting capital of the world. Similarly, other sources will consistently say that America has the worst gun violence in the world.

Unfortunately, these “news” sites are dead wrong. According to the CRS, a mass shooting, or a “mass public shooting” involves the deaths of four or more people. However, this does not include the perpetrator.

This means that according to the CRS definition of a public mass shooting, only 78 shootings occurred between 1983-2012. This is far from an epidemic.

The problem with defining any type of homicide a “mass shooting” is the fact that every news source calls it something different. For example, Mother Jones defines a mass shooting in which 3+ people are shot and killed in public minus gang violence. Accordingly, this means that 114 mass shootings occurred from 1982-2019.

In fact, to some sources definitions, a mass shooting can occur when there are no fatalities. This is where the information becomes muddled and cheapens the lives of those that have died in terrible atrocities. For instance, there’s been 297 mass shootings in 2019 alone in Mass Shooting Tracker’s definition. Most of these instances involve ZERO or ONE homicide since their definition of a homicide means 4 or more people shot besides the shooter.

Effects of reactionary articles about mass shootings.

A tweet reacting to the fake mass shooting epidemic.
A reactionary tweet to the fake mass shooting epidemic. It depicts the USA as the worst country for mass shootings, despite many of the countries on this list being the worst for gun crimes and homicides.

In effect, these information sources that cheapen the qualifications of a mass shooting are only creating mass panic and discontent among the American public. The information seems to tell a brutal story of violence in America when most of these shootings are isolated incidents.

Unfortunately, many people will turn to social media to spread reactionary articles about a mass shooting. Also, they will spread the leftist gun-control agenda that seeks to strip away the rights of law abiding citizens. The inflation of grouping isolated shootings with mass shootings will only cause mass hysteria to those who don’t understand the facts.

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